Bag House On Demand Pulsing Operation BY USING DWYER PHOTOHELIC GAUGE with X'CALIBUR AUTOMATION Micro controller Timer Board.


Ensures your Bag House Differential Pressure (BHDP) by On Demand Pulsing Operation very Successfully BY USING DWYER PHOTOHELIC GAUGE with XCALIBUR Automation Micro controller Timer Board for reverse jet dust collector. This operation can be fulfilled with any number of bag rows (eventually no. of solenoids) from 5 up to 20 Station outputs.

  In turn this Application Facilitates  
  1. Improving your Bag Life
  2. Avoids Excessive Fan Loading
  3. Saves on compressed air quantity there by making operation More Economical
  4. Dust collector operation more reliable to Meet Environmental Norms with ease

XCALIBUR AUTOMATION have designed and developed an extensive range of standard Dust Collector controllers with proven reliability in practice. Many Installations and performance components have called for very stringent design and manufacture of timer panels for final operation of air pollution equipment applications having to meet International Standards [like UL / CSA/ CE]. We at XCALIBUR can meet all those requiring from panel project planning to in process inspection to final dispatch with associated documents. Being in this line for last 20 years have made us to manufacture
These Timer Bag House Controllers are very cost effective. We maintain dedicated customer service and tech support teams, aiming to provide best in class service and support.

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