X'CALIBUR AUTOMATION is a specialist in Bag House Engineering for the design, supply, installation & commissioning of components and automation of environmental engineering of process plants in a variety of industries. During such Installations and components have called for design and manufacture of equipment for storage, conveying, dosing, feeding, weighing, & filtering of dry solid raw materials & associated products.

To meet these requirements X'CALIBUR AUTOMATION have designed and developed an extensive range of standard & custom built processing equipment with proven reliability in practice.


We can offer you a complete test facility for assessing customer requirements before making appropriate recommendations on the equipment required for any Bag House installation.


We want to simplify the task of finding the Bag House accessories information needed to purchase or solve a problem. With this as goal our products are built from ground from the customers view point, not ours. Top priority is given to create tools such selection wizards which make finding the right controller / accessory just in matter of few clicks.

We also believe that success is team efforts that our expert staff is available by e-mail or phone to help with questions.


X'CALIBUR AUTOMATION started bag house controllers & mechatronic systems in 1986 with market oriented approach. Initially only Industrial Dust collector programmers were manufactured. Then with the one stop shop idea we started manufacturing of Rotary air locks, Various parameter diagnostic Timer boards which has got micro controller as function administrator, RPM indicators & zero speed switches, bag cages with bags, Venturies ,solenoid valves, Pneumatic Vibratory bulk discharger for dust collector hoppers etc.

Twenty years experience in Environmental Air Pollution Engineering and Machinery for Bulk Handling conveyors has given X’CALIBUR AUTOMATION a decided edge in its sector of industry. X’CALIBUR AUTOMATION 's main offices and factory are located in the industrial area of PUNE near MUMBAI, INDIA.


Our Mission :
At X'CALIBUR AUTOMATION we believe in making life easier for our customer to maintain the Industrial environment clean & green. And To become the leading provider of Bag House Accessories & Bulk handing technology.