PRODUCTION FACILITIES [mechanical] - Machine Shop
Center lathes /Vetical Maching Centers [VMC]
Milling Machine
Universal Milling Cum drilling Cum Tapping Machine
Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery/Laser Profile Cutting /Computor Aided Gas Profile Cutting upto 20 mm
Co2 Pulse Tig Welding Machine / Argon Arc Welder / Manual Metal Arc Welders /Sheet Rolling Machines

Height gauge / bore gauges / Digital micrometers / Digital vernier calipers / slip gage / Filler gages / Granite marking table

Suitable Jigs & Fixtures
Electronic PCB assemblies & Microconroller Application Design Softwares
Wave soldring Facility
Manual solder stations [GOOT] / component bending & insertion tools stations[GOOT] /SMD rework stations.
Illuminated Magnifier PCB testing / PCB design software [Protel]
CFC free Confirmal coating as per UL/CSA/CE
Micro controller PC based programmers For ATMEL /MICRO CHIP/Simulators ,Compilers,Assemblers
100 Mhz Duel Channel Digital storage Oscilloscopes Tetronix Make/ Multimeters with USB-PC connectivity
Logic probes/logic Analyzers/signal injectors /Timers
Drawing & Cad design center [both for mechanical & electronic items]
Testing (Mechanical)
Fan flow (velocity of in take air) & pressure testing (Digital manometer) / no load & full load currents.

Mock up - Of Rotary Air Lock - Speed test / Gap Test / Noise Test / Purge test / Zero speed test / no load current

Pulse Valve Mock up test with full pressure [8-kg/cm2] & Pulse timing from 20 mSec to 200mSec.
Delta "P" testing Digital Manometers for calibration of Photohelic Gauges.
Noise Measuring DB meters for gearboxes & related Mechanical rotary equipments.
Vent Venturi System for Rotary air locks to check suction at Inlet for correct pocket filling.
Compress air tests for Vibrator functioning & Rotameter for air flow checks & panel tests.
Testing [Elecrtonic Circuit Boards]
Visual Illuminated Magnification / USB Video scope
Vibration Table tests for dry soldering
Function tests for calibration & performance Jigs
Burn in tests for components & PCB assembly at elevated temperatures