We are a developer & system solutions of automation technology and devices geared toward the manufacturers of Bulk Handling & Air pollution System products. Our latest development is a Fully Programmed, On Demand, Bag House Controller PLC. This device measures, and communicates (RS485 Modbus RTU Protocol) in real time, the differential pressure of dust collector along with all other major parameters in process. Such equipments are used in Boiler houses, foundries, cement plants, process plants, steel plants etc.

This low cost controller handles Total Bag House Course Of Action to fullest extent The controller functions are,

  1. Solenoid firing-with ON & OFF time programmable & No of Valves to be fired Extra clock [2 wire] for additional solenoids firing in case of expansion of more Bag rows With X'CALIBUR make Bag House sequencers. [Future expansion]
  2. Facility for detecting faulty solenoid operation (additional cost)
  3. Differential Pressure control via High & Low set Points for ON DEMAND PULSING {using DWYER [Model 616W-20B-LCD] Differential pressure gauge transmitter with LCD Display}
  4. Bag leakage/torn bag detection & eye pleasing annunciation for the same
  5. Direct Function key to Override On demand (F1) & to operate in timed mode
  6. Direct function key for Manual test of Pulse valve (F2)
  7. Direct function key for crash Mode operation if required (F3)
  8. Fan Power control for optimised (PID) power use for operation via VFD drive
  9. Rotary air lock zero speed monitoring with hopper Level control integrated.
  10. Hopper bulk discharge system Pneumatic Vibrator automation.
  11. Local or Remote operation from direct function keys or via SCADA Software
  12. Additional 3-Temperature/ Weight/Level 4-20 mA Transmitters can be hooked to system for further process automation.

The operation procedures are fully programmable and can be set to from Well-designed HMI Numeric key pad with 20X2 LCD Display. The PLC device is self-contained and can be used as an automation device on the production floor or in a lab situation.

Functional tracking measurements & control can be accomplished via SCADA software with RS485 Modbus or Profibus protocol for computer interface or other PLC /DCS systems.

EZAutomation which is a division of AVG Automation, USA manufacturer of the EZTouch / EZText line of products, providing a one stop source for all your control and HMI needs at the lowest prices in the industry. offers innovative, made in America products, which are available being used by X'CALIBUR AUTOMATION for PLC system solution house. We maintain dedicated customer service and tech support teams, aiming to provide best in class service and support.

  1. DWYER [Model 616W-20B-LCD] Differential pressure gauge transmitter {4-20mA} with LCD Display for controlling On demand Pulsing (economist) from PLC set points or override this by F1 sw
  2. Viewing of DP pressure on LCD screen in mm H2O
  3. Torn bag/leak Detection visual Annunciation
  4. Zero speed trip For RAV indication on annunciator window
  5. Timer on & off time setting from LCD screen or scada communication Indusoft /fanuc Simplcity software
  6. Selection of no of solenoids to be fired & online fired solenoid Number & solenoid fault indication
  7. Easy expansion to further outputs using X'CALIBUR TIMER SEQUNETIAL card
  8. Manual pulsing facility to test solenoid outputs F3 switch
  9. Local /remote mode operation
  10. relay or triac outputs
  11. Coal mill bag house operation Via thermocouple software scanner
  12. crash mode operation F3 selection switch
  1. Fan power indication & PID control with dust loading for optimum power of fan to drive VFD drive.
  2. On line or offline control for large bag houses with scada communication
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