Solve your Control & Automation very cost-effectively BY USING MICRO MODULAR PLC of EZAutomation which is a division of AVG Automation, USA manufacturer of the EZTouch / EZText line of products, providing a one stop source for all your control and HMI needs at the lower prices in the industry. offers innovative, made in America products, which are available being used by X'CALIBUR AUTOMATION for PLC system solution firm. We maintain dedicated customer service and tech support teams, aiming to provide best in class service and support.

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Very compact HMI & PLC are integrated to each other
  HMI has………  
  1. Three annunciation windows each with three colors Red, Green, Orange
  2. Numeric key pad with up/down & ENT,ESC keys
  3. 256 PLC/LOCAL Messages on 20X4 LCD display.(can contain even manual of system as separate folder, like Computer)
  4. F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6 Computer like direct function keys with LED
  PLC has…..  
  1. Micro modular I/O units with Diagnostic LEDs on each Module
  2. Operation on either 24 VDC /110VAC
  3. Modbus 485 (RTU) serial communication or RS232 ASCII string type
  4. Other protocols like profibus/device net are possible with little additional cost
  5. Free flow ladder logic & RISC processor with Flash memory
  6. Very powerful [Only] 55 Instructions makes it very fast Processing
  7. Cost effective I/Os including analog & any special too
  8. RS485/-TCP/IP connection for marquee operation
  9. very easy expansion of I/O modules to required units

The operation procedures are fully programmable and can be set to from Well-designed HMI Numeric key pad with 20X2 LCD Display. The PLC device is self-contained and can be used as an automation device on the production floor or in a lab situation.

Functional tracking measurements & control can be accomplished via SCADA software with RS485 Modbus or Profibus protocol for computer interface or other PLC /DCS systems.

We provide comprehensive support in the CONTROL & AUTOMATION NEEDS OF Above PLC in Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Chemical, Agricultural, Automotive, Petrochemical, Steel, Mining, Civil, Road & Building construction Industries & many more.

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