By Using conveyor mounted carriage assemblies and state of the art electronic weight integrators, our belt scales combine extreme ruggedness and high accuracy in one package. Designed to be installed on new or existing conveyors with minimal downtime, these scales can be used in applications ranging from non-critical process control to basis-of-inventory management applications having to require cost control to remain in competition .


Designed for general in-plant conveyor-belt weighing applications in the most demanding industrial environments, SM-3 Belt Scale System lets you control feed rates to crushers, mills, screens, and other processes with good accuracy.
The SM3 combines the proven reliability and Speed Sensor combination, with the power and versatility of the advanced electronics of the SIEMENS Accumass BW100 Series Integrator.
X'CALIBUR SM-3 belt scale provide reliable, continuous in-line weighing of virtually any bulk solid, operating efficiently in primary and secondary industries from mines and quarries to chemicals and food processing. Aggregates, pet foods, fertilizer, tobacco, glass cullet and minerals are a few examples of the diverse range of products.
Operating with a microprocessor-based integrator package, Mass Dynamics belt weighers / scales provide rate, total, belt load and speed as selected by the operator.
With an adjustable single alarm facility for high / low flow rates and a fully automated zero calibration option, operation is extremely easy. Security locking may be used to prevent accidental interference or unauthorized access.

The belt Scale system consists of three components;
a compact weigh bridge with two load cells mounted on a steel frame
a speed sensor
and an integrator which processes the signal from the belt scale.

The load cells (Parallelogram Platform type) react only to vertical forces giving an accurate weight signal while belt speed is monitored by the speed sensor. Both weight and speed signals are electronically processed by the integrator to give an accurate readout of flow rate and totalized material weight.

Belt Scale with Load Cells & Rollers
BW100 controller
Control Panel
  Siemens Accumass BW100  
  Brief specifications :  
Automatic calibration through the tactile feedback keys
Non-volatile memory safeguards against data loss.
Large easy to read graphic LCD
Compact chemical, UV and impact resistant enclosure
Alarms for rate, load, speed or diagnostic error
Analog output for speed, load or rate
  Key Benefits :  
Affordable Cost, Fast Delivery
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