The use of applied vibration has proven effective in a wide range of applications. Most commonly used on hoppers and silos to maintain the flow of materials, Air vibrators offer an economical method of generating vibration when required.
A properly sized and mounted hopper vibrator will maintain the flow of material, without causing damage to the container. We can make recommendations on the best type of vibration and the best method of mounting, based on your material and specific conditions. We can even supply mounting kits as one stop shop, to ensure easy installation, ideal transmittal of vibration, and long equipment life.

Brief Specifications
Atmel 89c2051 micro controller
UL listed
Manual switch To Test Vibration system with sequence

Available in NEMA-4 sheet metal box

Low Cost - Ex stock available
Model : MPS1-VIB-5#RLY
Built In Low_Level  for  no Vibration   gives Possible Air Saving Feature (At extra cost)
Models EPLV-3 & EPLV-4.
89C2051 Vibrator Timer board
Vibrator Control Panel Assembly with Solenoids / FRL* / Timer board (* FRL=Filter Regular Lubricator)

Piston Vibrators / Impactors air operated, linear motion inducers. Our heavy-duty design, Gas Nitrided pistons and precision VMC machining assure instant starting and reduced friction for maximum power. Piston Vibrators are available as hammer action or air cushioned, with sizes from 2" & 2.5"" diameter with output forces 20KN & 32KN.
Piston Vibrators can run continuously or be cycled. Our Micro controller Repeat Cycle Controller provides precise cycle programming which can be activated manually or connected to an automatic system. Close tolerance internal parts of Piston Vibrators and Impactors require conditioned input air to operate properly. A filter, regulator and lubricator assembly should be used for conditioning and controlling air pressure. Input air pressure regulates the operating frequency of Piston Vibrators and the impact force of Impactors.

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Affordable Cost, Fast delivery
Proven & very reliable for last 15 years
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