The rotary air locks (also called airlocks) are used to feed and discharge the dusty or granular products from silos, hoppers, pneumatic transport plants, sleeve filters and cyclones.
X'CALIBUR has been Manufacturing rotary airlocks, airlock equipment, rotary valves, and rotary valves for dust collection systems for more than decade Our experienced engineers can review the type and choice of the air lock solve the problem. With the Bag house dust collectors that can be pulse jet, reverse air, offline controlled cleaning, Pleated or cartridge systems, we can give solution to practically all industrial rotary airlock or dust collection problem. Rotary valves are useful as one component in a bulk or specialty material handling system.
Our state-of-the-art rotary airlocks and testing facilities is the key to achieving optimal performance Once our rotary airlock engineers have the valve test results, they can design and build the best rotary air filtration systems.
In order to perform rotary valves must have close valve clearances & prime mover. so it is imperative for people not to accidentally contact the rotating airlock blades to avoid fatal accidents & serious injuries.


Our rotary air lock are built in cast Iron and are designed to efficiently transfer Bulk materials from one air system component to another, ensuring maintenance of a requisite vacuum or to prevent pressurization.
The air lock maintains a tight, positive air seal by keeping a maximum of the six / eight flexible neoprene/Polyurethane steel backed wipers in full contact with the interior housing at all times. The wipers are bolted to the vanes of the rotor tips for ease of maintenance. The rotors are open-ended. The rotor housing is heavy-duty cast Iron construction with a removable side plate to provide easy access and maintenance of the rotor.
In other construction The wipers (blades) are floated in a slot in Rotor by means of leaf spring arrangement so that gap adjustment is very easy to required dimensions.
Also The Leakage of Air into/out of Rotor space is effectively stopped by Graphite glanding which Improves Lubrication with Gun metal gland when Air lock is rotating.

Timers & Rotary valve Dispatch
Internals View
Finished Rotor
Bearing cap & Vent Venturi of 14 inch valve
Bearing cap & Vent Venturi of 12 inch valve
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